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NGAUS Legislative Alert; Fiscal 2017 Budget Signed

Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017 

The omnibus spending agreement reached by Congress to fund the government through Oct. 1 was signed by President Donald Trump Friday.

In total, the law provides $593 billion in defense spending, an increase of $19.9 billion over fiscal year 2016 spending levels. This includes:

$516.1 billion in base discretionary funding and $76.6 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations funding

Bill Highlights

  • $132.3 billion for 1,305,900 active-component troops and 813,200 National Guard and Reserve troops, as well as $123.3 billion for equipment and upgrades
  • $750 million for the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account
  • $247.5 million for the Army National Guard
  • $247.5 million for the Air National Guard

Additional military construction funding for the National Guard, which adds to the full-year MILCON appropriations passed in December. Those amounts include:

  • $12 million for the Army National Guard
  • $13 million for the Air National Guard
  • $125 million for traumatic brain injury and psychological health research and development

Joint Programs

  • $234 million for the National Guard Counterdrug program
  • $20 million for National Guard Counterdrug Training Centers
  • $8 million for the National Guard State Partnership Program
  • $30 million for STARBASE
  • $10.339 million for National Guard Youth Challenge
  • $20 million for Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Army Guard

  • $1.2 billion for 62 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters for the Army, with no less than 15 for the Army Guard.
  • $774 million for 52 remanufactured AH-64 Apache helicopters, $262 million for seven new Apaches and $72 million to support advanced procurement needs for additional 10 aircraft for the Army.
  • To maintain four Apache battalions in the Army Guard, the bill fully funds the modernization of existing Apaches, provides $262 million for seven new Apaches and supports the annual operating costs of the four battalions.
  • $210 million for Humvee modernization for active Army, Army Guard and Army Reserve
  • $60 million for Humvee ambulances for Army Guard and Army Reserve
  • $171.8 million for 28 UH-72 Lakotas for the Army
  • $9.9 million for Army Guard Cyber Protection Teams

Air Guard

  • $8.2 billion for 74 F-35 aircraft for Air Force
  • $15.9 million for Air Guard F-16 AESA radar
  • $2.6 billion for 15 KC-46 tanker aircraft for Air Force
  • Continues prohibition of retirement of A-10 aircraft and appropriates funding to keep aircraft in service
  • $160 million for two C-130J aircraft for Air Guard
  • $17.455 million for C-17 modernization across the Air Force
  • $24.8 million for F-16 simulators
  • $440 million for procurement of the MQ-9 and $275 million for 20 MQ-1 unmanned aerial vehicles for the Air Force

$97.5 million for C-130H Modernization for Air Guard:

  • $16 million for C-130H propeller upgrades;
  • $13.5 million for Electronic Propeller Control System;
  • $1.5 million for Inflight Propeller Balancing System;
  • $41.5 million for C-130 engine enhancement program; and
  • $25 million for C-130H modernization efforts