May 31, 2019

Hello Indiana Soldiers and Airmen,

My name is Mike Hall and I am the newly elected President of the National Guard Association of Indiana (NGAI). I want to thank Past President, Brig Gen Kip Clark for his leadership and I’m honored to be handed the gavel following his service.

Our Association serves the Soldiers, Airmen and Families of the Indiana National Guard and a key aspect of our mission is to secure legislative benefits for you, your fellow service members and families. We need your help in making our voice louder.  One question I always hear is, “What does NGAI do for us?” Here are just a few things.

  • House Bill 1010 was just signed by Governor Holcomb which exempts State taxes for Military retired pay or survivor’s benefits for resident Hoosiers.  Governor Holcomb’s comments on HEA 1010 Military Tax Deductions “Our talented, patriotic veterans are some of the most experienced, focused and loyal workers anywhere. I’m grateful lawmakers approved the exemption of military pensions from our state income taxes. This will give veterans yet another reason to stay in Indiana or move to Indiana after their military service is over.”  This includes our current and future retired Guardsmen.
  • We continue to advocate for exemption of National Guard pay and ultimately ALL military pay from State Income Taxes.
  • We are advocating for the restoration of full remission of fees on education benefits for ALL disabled Veterans.  (This benefit used to exist but was reduced in 2011.  We are working to get that back!)
  • We are engaged in adding State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI) language to the Indiana code so that all Guardsmen and their families are offered their SSLI benefit.
  • We work closely with our national associations, EANGUS and NGAUS
  • We are advocating for affordable TRICARE coverage for all Guard members to include Technicians
  • We are advocating for parity on pay and benefits alongside our active brothers and sisters in arms.
  • We work tirelessly ensuring that the National Guard receives concurrent and proportional fielding of modernized equipment alongside the active component.

State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI):

Because NGAI is designated by the Adjutant General as the SSLI Administrator, members of the Indiana Air and Army National Guard and their families have the opportunity to enroll in the SSLI benefit. This is an inexpensive group term life insurance option that serves to complement your SGLI and upon death, provides immediate payment to your selected beneficiary to handle the immediate needs of the moment.  Your SGLI benefit payment may be weeks or months before it is received.  SSLI fillable documents and additional member benefits can be found at


WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!!  House Bill 1010 (No state taxes on retired military pay) was accomplished with only 20% of National Guardsmen signed up as members of NGAI.  Just think what we can accomplish with 50% membership, 70%, or 90%.  Membership enrollment in NGAI, EANGUS and NGAUS can be completed on line at

We are also reaching out for Committee Members.  There are more than 13 Committees and Subcommittees and we need your voice here, too.  Feel free to reach out to any of the Board of Directors if you are interested in participating.

National Guard Association of Indiana Foundation (NGAIF):

“Promoting and serving the talented men and women of the Indiana National Guard” is our vision.  Our Foundation is charitable organization providing additional benefits including Educational Grants and Fellowship for professional development opportunities.  Currently we are seeking motivated NCO’s and junior Warrant or Company Grade Officers interested in attending either the EANGUS Conference in Des Moines 3-8 Aug or NGAUS in Denver, 30 Aug – 3 Sep.  If you are interested in joining us, the Fellowship application is at

Thanks for your continued support.


Mike Hall, Lieutenant Colonel
President, National Guard Association of Indiana

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