Welcome to the new NGAI Auxiliary!

PrintThe NGAI Auxiliary is open to anyone who wishes to support NGAI, although the membership is mostly made up of spouses who are not in the military, but want to support their military spouse. The dues structure is as follows:

If your spouse is a member of NGAI:

  • For NGAI members who are E4 or below
    membership in the NGAI Auxiliary is FREE for the year. Just submit an application.
  • Enlisted NGAI members (E5 or above) or Officers
    Auxiliary dues are $10.00 per year

The NGAI Board of Directors voted to offer FREE memberships
for the spouses of NGAI members to the NGAI Auxiliary for 2017

Dues are collected for the current calendar year and cover from January 1 to December 31.

If neither you or your spouse are members of NGAI then you can become an Associate member. Dues for Associates are $15.00 for the calendar year.

The Auxiliary also collects dues for the EANGUS Auxiliary (but you are not required to join). Dues for the EANGUS Auxiliary are $7.00 with a $2.00 donation to the EANGUS Scholarship Fund. We collect the EANGUS Auxiliary dues and send them in at the end of the year for the next calendar year.

The NGAI Auxiliary does have officers!
Laura Snyder is the current president. Her email is laura.snyder@ngai.net.

Join the NGAI Auxiliary! Use the membership application below to join the Auxiliary and pay your dues. PLEASE JOIN ONLINE! This is the preferred method. If you need a paper application form, download it here. 2017 Auxiliary Membership Form