2015 Awards – Call for Award Nominations

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NGAI Fellowships are available for attendance to the 2015 NGAI Annual Conference (24-25 April 2015), the 2015 EANGUS Annual Conference (8-13 August 2015) and the 2015 NGAUS Conference (10-13 September 2015). Deadline to apply is 12 February 2015 for all Conferences. Please complete (including attachments and signatures) and send to NGAI by the appropriate deadline.

2015 NGAI Fellowship Application – click here
2015 NGAI Fellowship Application – fillable – click here


To become a member of NGAI or to renew your current membership, choose from one of the following options:

To join online (preferred method) and pay by CREDIT CARD: CLICK HERE to go directly to our online membership form.

Membership Templates:
If you are signing up members as groups, please use the templates below.
Template for Free Enlisted Memberships (Excel)
Paid NGAI Memberships Template (Excel)

To pay by CHECK: download the PDF form below. Checks must be made out to NGAI or National Guard Association of Indiana. The form is a fillable form. Open the form with Acrobat Reader, fill in all your information, save it, print it, and send the completed form to NGAI with your check.

NGAI 2015 Membership form 2015 Membership Form 12-29-14- NEW! Retired NGAI Life Membership for $20.00 – If you are having difficulties downloading the form from a military computer, please download the form from your home computer.

  • DEADLINE: In order to count toward NGAI Annual Conference membership percentages paid active memberships must be received in our office by midnight, 15 March 2015.
  • NGAI Brochure - Updated December 2014! Includes 2015 Legislative Goals (see what we are working on!). If you need printed copies please contact Linda Harshbarger at or call 317-247-3196.

Please contact Linda at or call 317-247-3196 if you have questions.  If submitting free membership and paid membership, please submit one form for each.

2015 Membership
Membership dues for NGAI, NGAUS and EANGUS are for a calendar year (January 1 through December 31). The 2015 Membership drive begins on October 1 of the current year through September 30 of the next year. Dues received on October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015 will be recorded as 2015 dues. We do not prorate dues.

DEADLINES: Membership percentages for the NGAI Member Groups for the 2015 membership year are calculated for all active memberships received on or before 28 February 2015 for free memberships and 15 March 2015 for paid memberships.

NGAI Active Member Groups include the following:
– 76th IBCT
– 219t BfsB
– 38th HQ
– 38th CAB
– 38th SUST
– 81st TC
– 122 FW
– 181 IW

2014 NGAI Conference Membership %
(In 2014 the percentage was based on active membership in all three organizations (NGAI, EANGUS & NGAUS)
46%     219th BfsB
40%     76th IBCT
31%     181st IW
26%     CAMCCO
24.3%  38th SUST
24.3%  81st TC
21%      38th CAB
18%      122 FW
15%      JFHQ

In 2014 NGAI membership increased by 3% to 43%; EANGUS decreased by 5% down to 6%; and NGAUS decreased by 17% down to 29%.

2013 NGAI Conference Membership %
Memberships percentages for the 2013 NGAI Member Groups were announced at the Military Ball/Dinner on April 20, 2013 and are as follows:
98% 38th CAB
79% 219th BfsB
70% 81st TC
69% 76th IBCT
50% 38th HQ
29% 181 IW
28% JFHQ
18% 122 FW
11% 38th SUST

2013 Membership percentages are for NGAI active membership only.

Plaques were awarded to:
100% Army LTC Command 2-151 INF BN
100% Army LTC Command 2-238 GSAB
72% Air LtC Command 181 Opns Sqdn

NGAI Member Educational Grant

NGAI members and their dependants may apply for a grant for educational expenses of any higher level education. A minimum of 10 each $1000 grants will be awarded in 2015.

Grant application and letter 2015 (2) – Deadline to apply will be 15 March 2015.

Please send your questions to

2014 NGAI Grant Fund Recipients are:

A1C Derek Beaver, 181st Civil Engineer Squadron
SPC Christian Brinegar, Co B, 1-151st Inf
SFC Zachary Bryan, Btry B, 1-163 Field Arty
PFC Dustin Rice, Co B, 1-151 Inf

Christian Daake, Son of MAJ Michael Daake, HHC 76th BSTB
Allyson McKinzie, Daughter of MSG Kenneth McKinzie, HSC 38th Inf Div
Caleb Newlin, Son of COL Kenneth Newlin, 81st Troop Cmd
Haley Townsend, Daughter of COL Todd Townsend, JFHQ
Luke Wren, Son of MAJ Michael Wren, HSC 38th Inf Div

2013 NGAI Grant Fund Recipients are:

A1C Derek Beaver, 181st Civil Engineer Squadron
SPC Robert Dillon, 1413th Engineer Co
SPC Josiah Duncan, 38th Inf Division Band
PFC Gilbert Hodges, 1613th Engineer Support Co
PFC Dustin Rice, Co B, 1-151st Inf

Nathan Edwards, Son of CPT Scott Edwards, Ind Medical Detachment
Ashley Knies, Daughter of CSM Christopher Knies, HHC 2nd BN 150th FA
Jennifer Tallent, Wife of SSG Daniel Tallent, 438th Chemical Co
Haley Townsend, Daughter of COL Todd Townsend, JFHQ
Luke Wren, Son of MAJ Michael Wren, HSC 38th Infantry Div

Recipients will receive official notification letters by 1 May 2013. Checks will be distributed at the 14th Annual NGAI Car Show at the Indiana War Memorial in Indianapolis, IN on 6 July 2013.

2012 NGAI Grant Fund Recipients are:

A1C Derek Beaver, 181st Civil Engineer Squadron
A1C Taylor Colbert, 137th Intel Squadron
SPC Josiah Duncan, 38th Inf Division Band
SGT Kristina Lucas, Co B, 38th DHHB
2LT Kristen Walters, 19th CERFP, 181st MDG

Elizabeth Daake, Daughter of Maj Michael Daake, Ind RRB
Mikala Freeland, Daughter of Maj (ret) David Freeland, 113th Support Bn
Cecilia Gutnecht, Daughter of WOC Richard Gutnecht, HHD, JFHQ
Leanne McMillen, Wife of Col Daniel McMillen, JFHQ
Jessica Tinnel, Daughter of CMSgt Judi Perkins, JFAC
Madison Waltemath, Daughter of Col Ross Waltemath, JFHQ
Luke Wren, Son of Cpt Michael Wren, HSC, 38th DHHB

NGAI Educational Grant Fund Sponsor Application

2014 Educational Grant Fund Sponsor Application (PDF fillable)

NGAI Educational Grant Major Sponsors

The following are major sponsors for our Educational Grant Fund:
(CLICK HERE to see all the sponsors)

   Grant application and letter 2015 (2)