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EANGUS Legislative Alert #2015-012; 8 October 2015

EANGUS Supports S. 2137, the Military Family Stability Act

EANGUS supports S. 2137, the Military Family Stability Act, a bill that provides flexibility to military members and their families during times of deployment and relocation.

In an era of persistent military conflict and multiple deployments, and with more military spouses also working, there are many destabilizing factors affecting today’s military families. Provisions in this bill will provide service members, their spouses and their children a broader range of options when adapting to these stressful times.

Military families are what keep our military strong. This bill requires the U.S. Comptroller General to propose recommendations to alleviate disruptive regulations affecting military families during deployments. The bill focuses on spouse employment, school children and housing allowance flexibility.

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