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EANGUS – Indiana Members of EANGUS – Update; 21 April 2015

Dear Indiana National Guard and EANGUS member,

You should have received an email with a username and password for your membership account in the EANGUS membership and website system.  This email goes out automatically when your account is created through the membership upload process.  The National Guard Association of Indiana maintains a separate state membership system, and when they send us the list of NGAI members who are also members of EANGUS, we load that list into our membership system so that you can benefit from the legislative alerts, communications, and benefits from the National Office.

The domain name in your notification email said ngai.langea.org, which may not be obvious to you that it is the national system.  The back story on that is long and boring, however, it is the current URL for the Indiana members on the national site.  We understand that the email may have been confusing, but it is not a phishing or scam email, it is simply a notice letting you know that your membership has been loaded into the EANGUS system.

We are working with NGAI to possibly merge the two systems so that you do not have to remember two passwords and two usernames, and only have to visit 1 site for both state and national information, but as of right now, NGAI and EANGUS are separate systems.  If you would like to contact me directly, I can be reached at president@eangus.org or you may call me at 504-388-5423.


John M. Harris
EANGUS President