Board of Directors – Call for Nominations

Board of Directors – Call for Nominations

In accordance with Article III, Section 3a, of the NGAI By-Laws, ninety days before the date of the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors will be eliciting nominations for the 2021 NGAI Board election.  At a minimum; two (2) Army active officers, two (2) Army active warrant officers, two (2) Air active officers, two (2) Air active company grade officers, four (4) Army active enlisted, and two (2) Air active enlisted shall be presented to the Nominating Committee. Nominated individuals must be an NGAI annual or life member and shall serve a term of three (3) years.

The Board positions up for re-election in 2021 are:

1 Active Army Officer, 2 Active Army Enlisted, 1 Active Air Enlisted, 1 Active Air Officer, 1 Inactive Army Enlisted, 1 Inactive Air Enlisted.


  • State and National Association Membership, EANGUS and/or NGAUS
  • Attend monthly Board of Director meetings
  • Participate on at least one standing committee; chair or co-chair one event committee
  • Attend all NGAI events to the maximum extent possible
  • Attend EANGUS or NGAUS annual conference, as able
  • Participate in SSLI program
2021 NGAI Nominating Committee
Name E-mail Address
Mike Hall
Dawn Bordenet
Michael Smith

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