GAI FY 2020 Calendar Raffle Winners

Dylan Phillips is the June 2020 winner of a Ruger 10/22 Target Lite Caliber: .22LR

Jeff Hammer is the May 2020 winner of a Ruger Security – 9 Caliber: 9MM Luger

Brian Jennings is the April 2020 winner of a Mossberg 500 Combo Caliber: 12GA

Brian Jennings

Christopher Flodder is the March 2020 winner of a Sig Sauer P20 Nitron Full Size Caliber: 9MM

Steve Chin is the February 2020 winner of a KeTec RDM Caliber: 5.5

Steven Kiser is the January 2020 winner of a Kahr 1911 BKO Caliber: 45ACP

Dennis Jones Jr is the December 2019 winner of a Keltec PMR-30  Caliber: 22WMR

Mike More is the November 2019 winner of a Savage Stevens 555 28 Gauge

Justin Newitt is the October 2019 winner of a S&W: M&P Bodyguard W/Crimson Trace Caliver: .380 Auto

NGAI 2018-2019 Calendar Raffle Winners

Angelica Lopez is the September 2019 winner of a Remington 783 W/Scope Caliber 30-06

Andrew Newkirk is the August 2019 winner of a Stag Arms Model 2W/2nd Amendment Text Caliber:223/5.56 NATO

Chris Durcholz is the July 2019 winner of a Smith & Wesson SSModel 642 Caliber: .38 S&W Special+P


Chris Hiatt is the June 2019 winner of a Ruger Precision Rimfire Caliber: 22LR

Mike Gorgas  is the May 2019 winner of a FN America FNS-9 Caliber: 9MM

Bruce Roe is the April 2019 winner of a Mossberg 590A1 Caliber: 12GA

Justin Tackett is the March 2019 winner of a Colt Government 45 ACP

Justin Tackett

Matt Mahon is the February 2019 winner of a KLE-TEC RDB Caliber: 5.56

Matt Mahon

Andrew Nolan is the January 2019 winner of a Taurus Judge Caliber: 410/45LC

Chester Matney is the December 2018 winner of a Keltec PMR-30 Caliber: 22WMR

Jeff Williams is the November 2018 winner of a Henry Golden Boy Caliber: 22 S/L/LR

Our first winner is Mary Paul!

NGAI 2019 Annual Conference Raffle Winners

Kris Daupert selected a Sig Sauer P320

Ron Washburn selected a Kimber Micro Desert

Congratulations to both winners!


  •  All calendar stubs that are sold for $20.00 each will be entered into each drawing for the 12 available firearm 1,000 calendars will be printed.
  • 12 firearms (prize) winners will be drawn in October 2019. Each month, winners will he notified by email or phone. You must be 21 to enter
  • All federal state and local laws/regulations must be met prior to transferring the firearm. If the winner cannot pass the federal firearms background check; the firearm will return to the Indiana FNRA program.
  • All firearms (prizes) must be claimed and picked up within 45 days after notification of winning at Indy Arms. Any firearm that is not picked up within 45 days (unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon) will revert back to the Indiana FNRA program. Dealer is subject to change.
  • Shipping arrangements may be made at the discretion of Indy Arms Co. All Shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the prize winner if the firearm needs to be shipped to another dealer for transfer. Payment for shipping must be made before the firearm is shipped.
  • No refunds on purchased calendars
  • Winner must accept the prize/firearm drawn, an equal value firearm (prize) will be substituted. This at the discretion of the FNRA Committee.
  • Only the listed winner will be allowed to claim the firearm (prize). We will not allow the transfer of the firearm (prize) to another person.
  • Winners will allow us to use or post their names for promotional purposes.

To purchase additional calendars, contact or

NGAI Gaming License #145620

She is the October 2018 winner of a Benelli Nova 26″Max 5 Caliber: 12GA

NGAI 2017-2018 Calendar Raffle Winners

Sara Jeffers is the September 2018 winner and won a Remington 783 W/Scope

Josh Mathew is the August 2018 winner and won a Kimber Pro Carry II 2-Tone

Becky West is the July 2018 winner and won a Ruger LCP II

Dustin Anderson is the June 2018 winner and won a Sig Sauer P238

David Eaton is the May 2018 winner and won a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

David Eaton

Sonny Cox is the April 2018 winner and won a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum

Alan Griffith is the March 2018 winner and won a Ruger American Rifle Ranch

Samuel Chandler is the February 2018 winner and won a Kimber Micro Carry 2-Tone

David Hudson is the January 2018 winner and won a DPMS Oracle A-15 Carbine.

David Hudson

Donnie Hill is the December 2017 winner and won a Glock 43.

Donnie Hill Dec Winner

Troy Wright is the November 2017 winner and won a Century Arms C308.

Troy Wright Nov Winner

The first winner is Robert Fout.
He is the October 2017 winner and won a Bushmaster Quick Response Carbine W/Red Dot.

Robert Fout  -October 2017 Raffle Winner