NGAI FY 2019 Calendar Raffle Winners

Matt Mahon is the February 2019 winner of a KLE-TEC RDB Caliber: 5.56

Matt Mahon

Andrew Nolan is the January 2019 winner of a Taurus Judge Caliber: 410/45LC

Chester Matney is the December 2018 winner of a Keltec PMR-30 Caliber: 22WMR

Jeff Williams is the November 2018 winner of a Henry Golden Boy Caliber: 22 S/L/LR

Our first winner is Mary Paul!

She is the October 2018 winner of a Benelli Nova 26″Max 5 Caliber: 12GA

NGAI 2017-2018 Calendar Raffle Winners

Sara Jeffers is the September 2018 winner and won a Remington 783 W/Scope

Josh Mathew is the August 2018 winner and won a Kimber Pro Carry II 2-Tone

Becky West is the July 2018 winner and won a Ruger LCP II

Dustin Anderson is the June 2018 winner and won a Sig Sauer P238

David Eaton is the May 2018 winner and won a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

David Eaton

Sonny Cox is the April 2018 winner and won a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum

Alan Griffith is the March 2018 winner and won a Ruger American Rifle Ranch

Samuel Chandler is the February 2018 winner and won a Kimber Micro Carry 2-Tone

David Hudson is the January 2018 winner and won a DPMS Oracle A-15 Carbine.

David Hudson

Donnie Hill is the December 2017 winner and won a Glock 43.

Donnie Hill Dec Winner

Troy Wright is the November 2017 winner and won a Century Arms C308.

Troy Wright Nov Winner

The first winner is Robert Fout.
He is the October 2017 winner and won a Bushmaster Quick Response Carbine W/Red Dot.

Robert Fout  -October 2017 Raffle Winner