NGAI 2017-2018 Calendar Raffle Winners

Samuel Chandler is the February 2018 winner and won a Kimber Micro Carry 2-Tone

David Hudson is the January 2018 winner and won a DPMS Oracle A-15 Carbine.

David Hudson

Donnie Hill is the December 2017 winner and won a Glock 43.

Donnie Hill Dec Winner

Troy Wright is the November 2017 winner and won a Century Arms C308.

Troy Wright Nov Winner

The first winner is Robert Fout.
He is the October 2017 winner and won a Bushmaster Quick Response Carbine W/Red Dot.

[captioRobert Fout  -October 2017 Raffle Winnern id=”attachment_6166″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″] Robert Fout -October 2017 Raffle Winner[/caption]