Let’s Each Make a Difference

Hello NGAI family!

I certainly hope your new year is going well and we at NGAI are excited about serving you in 2018!

We are looking forward to our Annual NGAI Conference to include some changes that will hopefully make the event more affordable and beneficial to all attendees! As always, there will be fun activities to include golf, sporting clays, hospitality events, and  lots of comradery! Our business session will be informative and include a slate of inspiring speakers. And by the way, the theme will be “Race to French Lick” and the final night will be informal, and in the spirit of our theme, we encourage everyone to wear their favorite racing attire. So expect to see a lot of checkered bandanna’s and Indy 500 gear!  The registration will hit the streets soon, so be on the lookout and we’ll give you a notice that it is available.  So we hope to see you all there!

I want to touch on a very important issue – MEMBERSHIP! NGAI is only as strong as our membership and our membership growth has been stagnant for a few years and I need your help to elevate our numbers. The benefits we enjoy now are not guaranteed, they have to be continually fought for and we can’t do that without strong membership. It’s our leverage and strength; it shows a commitment to a cause greater than ourselves, and it is vital to the future readiness of our Hoosier Soldiers and Airmen.

So I’m asking, please reveal the benefits of NGAI to another Solider or Airmen and ask them if they want to make a difference, and if so, they too can join.

I am truly humbled to serve as your NGAI president, thank you for all you do, and I hope to see ya soon!


Kip Clark, Brig Gen
President, National Guard Association of Indiana
2002 South Holt Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241