Reject Military Pay and Benefits Cuts

MOAA members are some of the most engaged citizens in the country. We’ve dedicated our lives to service before self, and we know what it means to never stop serving.

I’m proud of how much we’ve accomplished this year. We’ve helped pass several important pieces of legislation to help veterans and military families. To date, MOAA members have sent over 240,000 messages to their elected officials this year. That’s more than any other military or veterans service organization on Capitol Hill.

But we need your help.

Over the next two weeks, members of Congress may leave Washington without having completed an annual defense bill. Members of the Armed Services committees were confident they could complete their work before returning to their home districts.

Some of the proposals up for debate in the defense bill are a bad deal for the military community, including:

  • pay raises that fail to keep pace with the private sector;
  • dramatic pharmacy fee increases;
  • erosions to housing allowances; and
  • continued cuts to commissaries.

These shortsighted decisions will have a long-term effect on the future of America’s military.

Fortunately, House lawmakers passed a defense bill that rejected these cost-cutting measures. But our friends in the Senate accepted them.

Some lawmakers operate under the faulty assumption that we need to cut military pay and benefits to fund readiness programs. The fact is, we need both.

We have one last chance. It’s up to you to tell lawmakers we cannot afford to erode the pay and benefits of the all-volunteer force.

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NGAI Alert; 11 July 2015

Dear NGAI Members,
The deadline for the NGAUS summer conference is quickly approaching. Reservations and registrations should be done as soon as possible!

chairhighresNGAUS Nashville 2015
(Gaylord Hotel reservation deadline 30 July)
September 9-13
Room reservation and registration:
• Wednesday Sept. 9 – Sponsor’s Golf (by invitation)
• Thursday Sept. 10 – Golf or Bike Ride to Jack Daniels, NGAI TAG Welcome, TAG Reception, CGO/WO Mixer
• Friday Sept. 11 – Opening session, Governor’s Reception (Exhibit Hall)
• Saturday Sept. 12 – Day 2 business and Hospitality Night
• Sunday Sept. 13 – Final business and States Dinner, Special Opry Night (Country Western attire)

Thanks to all of you for your support.

Mike Sturm
Executive Director
National Guard Association of Indiana

EANGUS Legislative Alert #2015-10; 2 July 2015

EANGUS Legislative Alert: Aviation Restructure Initiative

Rep Granger & Rep Womack Letter regarding the Army’s Aviation Restructure Initiative

The EANGUS National Office is working hard to stop the Army’s Aviation Restructure Initiative (ARI). We ask EANGUS members to click on the hyperlinked letter below and encourage your Member of Congress to sign the Granger Womack Letter.

Click here for letter

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EANGUS Legislative Alert #2015-9; 1 July 2015

EANGUS Legislative Alert: FLORICH Act
EANGUS supports H.R. 2852, the Founding Legacies of Reserve Integral Combat-training Heroes (FLORICH) Act. This legislation addresses the disparity of burial privileges for members of the National Guard who are killed in training missions alongside their active-duty counterparts.

Rep. Graves’ legislation was introduced in response to the tragic training accident off the coast of Florida in March that resulted in the death of Staff Sgt. Thomas Florich of the Louisiana Army National Guard. Florich and three other Guardsmen were participating in a training exercise with a group of seven Marines, all of whom died when their UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter went down. The Army initially deemed Staff Sgt. Florich ineligible for burial at Arlington National Cemetery because he died while training. In June, the Army reversed its decision and granted Staff Sgt. Florich interment at Arlington following advocacy efforts by the Florich family, the general public and members of Congress.

EANGUS applauds Army Secretary John McHugh’s decision to allow Florich to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as his announcement of an internal review of the exemption policy. EANGUS also supports Rep. Graves’ legislation that would prevent families of fallen Guardsmen in the future from enduring unnecessary hardships and delays caused by the current policy. H.R. 2852 would create a narrow exemption to current policy by affording burial privileges at Arlington National Cemetery to members of the reserve component who die while carrying out a mission during which an active-duty servicemember also perishes.
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EANGUS Legislative Alert #2015-8; 30 June 2015

Veterans’ Mental Health Care Access Act

EANGUS strongly supports the Veterans’ Mental Health Care Access Act, which would allow veterans to seek immediate mental health care at any facility eligible to receive reimbursement through the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

EANGUS is committed to improving the care of our nation’s veterans. Securing mental health services for our nation’s veterans who need immediate and confidential help is of the utmost importance if our nation is to comprehensively address the high incidences of suicide, substance abuse, and traumatic stress in this community. Veterans are not the only ones who face these challenges in our country, and they should be able to take advantage of other federal, state, local and community-based confidential care that is open to all Americans. The Veterans’ Mental Health Care Access Act offers this choice.

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