The Call #13-07; 24 October 2013

Streamlining the VA appeals process and granting Veteran Status to Guard and Reserve retirees

Currently, Veterans attempting to appeal their VA rating decision they must contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and request an appeal form. This…

NGAUS Washington Report: Shutdown Edition; 4 Oct 2013

In This Issue:

NGAUS Sees Opportunity in D.C. Chaos
Senators Tell Hagel: Pay the Guard

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MOAA: Federal Government Shutters: 4 October 2013

Late Monday evening, the House and Senate failed to agree on a plan to fund the federal government for the new fiscal year causing federal agencies to shutter their offices on Tuesday. Both chambers remain entrenched as House attempts to…

NGAUS Legislative Alert #13-25; 4 October 2013

The Issue: Ensure that the National Guard is paid during the shutdown of the federal government.

Immediate Action Required: Ask your senator to support legislation that allows for payment of the National Guard during the shutdown of the federal government.…

NGAI Alert #13-7; 3 October 2013

Dear NGAI Member,
Unfortunately, the new fiscal year has ushered in yet another blow to our military technicians following closely to the sequestration furlough. Please take time to review the below information and take action!

Support our Soldiers and…

EANGUS Minuteman Update; 1 October 2013

At 12:01 this morning the federal government shut down due to the fact that Congress has been unable to find a compromise on stop-gap funding legislation. This marks the first time in over 17 years that the government has shut…

NGAUS Legislative Alert #13-24; 2 October 2013

The Issue: Ensure that full-time National Guard employees receive excepted status during the government shutdown.

Immediate Action Required: Ask your senators and representative to sign on to letters to the defense secretary requesting immediate action under H.R. 3210 to grant…

NGAUS Legislative Alert #13-23; 16 September 2013

The Issue: Reducing the Retirement Retirement Age for the National Guard

Immediate Action Required: Contact your Representatives and urge them to support H.R. 2907, which would credit retroactively to September 11, 2001 qualifying active duty service to reduce the age…

NGAUS Legislative Alert #13-22; 13 September 2013

The Issue: Hiring preference points for members of the reserve components for competitive federal civil service employment

Immediate Action Required: Ask your senators and representative to support the Military Reserve Jobs Acts, H.R. 2785 and S. 1320.

More Information: Urge…

NGAUS Legislative Alert #13-21; 12 September 2013

The Issue: Army National Guard Black Hawk Modernization

Immediate Action Required: Contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to include critical Black Hawk funding in the final version of the FY14 Defense Appropriations bill.

More Information: As Congress continues…

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